Carrie-Anne Moss all movies filmography

Year              Title                   Role

1994                   The Soft Kill                Jane Tanner     

1994                   Flashfire            Meredith Neal

1995                   Terrified            Tracy

1996                   Sabotage          Louise Castle

1997                   Lethal Tender            Melissa Wilkins

1997                   The Secret Life of Algernon               Madge Clerisy

1999                   The Matrix                 Trinity     

1999                   New Blood                 Leigh

2000                   Chocolat           Caroline Clairmont

2000                   Red Planet                 Cmdr. Kate Bowman     

2000                   Memento                   Natalie     

2000                   The Crew          Detective Olivia Neal

2003                   The Matrix Reloaded                 Trinity

2003                   The Matrix Revolutions            Trinity     

2003                   The Animatrix           Trinity

2004                   Suspect Zero             Fran Kulok     

2005                   The Chumscrubber           Jerri Falls

2005                   Sledge: The Untold Story          Herself/Girlfriend in movie

2006                   Fido           Helen Robinson     

2006                   Snow Cake                 Maggie     

2006                   Mini’s First Time                Diane Droggs Tennan

2007                   Disturbia           Julie Brecht       

2007                   Normal              Catherine

2008                   Fireflies in the Garden               Kelly Hanson

2009                   Love Hurts                 Amanda Bingham     

2010                   Unthinkable               Agent Helen Brody     

2012                   Silent Hill: Revelation                Claudia Wolf

2012                   Knife Fight                  Penelope Nelson

2013                   The Clockwork Girl            Admiral Wells

2013                   Compulsion               Saffron     

2014                   Pompeii             Aurelia     

2014                   Elephant Song           Olivia

2015                   Unity                  Narrator

Keanu Reeves filmography

Year                     Title                               Role

1985                   Letting Go                  Stereo Teen 1

1985                   One Step Away                  Ron Petrie

1986                   Youngblood                Heaver

1986                   Flying                 Tommy Wernicke

1986                   Under the Influence                   Eddie Talbot

1986                   Act of Vengeance              Buddy Martin

1986                   River’s Edge              Matt

1986                   Brotherhood of Justice             Derek

1986                   Babes in Toyland               Jack

1988                   Permanent Record           Chris Townsend

1988                   The Prince of Pennsylvania                Rupert Marshetta

1988                   The Night Before               Winston Connelly

1988                   Dangerous Liaisons          Le Chevalier Raphael Danceny     

1989                  Life Under Water              Kip

1989                   Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure               Theodore “Ted” Logan

1989                   Parenthood               Tod Higgins

1990                   I Love You to Death          Marlon James

1990                   Tune in Tomorrow             Martin Loader

1991                   Point Break                FBI Special Agent John “Johnny” Utah     

1991                   Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey                Theodore “Ted” Logan

1991                   My Own Private Idaho              Scott Favor     

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Cillian Murphy filmography all movies list

Year                    Title                  Role

1997                   Quando             Pat

1998                   The Tale of Sweety Barrett               Pat the Barman

1999                   Eviction             Brendan McBride

1999                   Sunburn             Davin McDerby

1999                   At Death’s Door                Grim Reaper, Jr.

1999                   The Trench                 Rag Rockwood

2000                   Filleann an Feall                 Ger

2000                   A Man of Few Words                 Best man

2001                   On the Edge              Jonathan Breech     

2001                   How Harry Became a Tree                Gus     

2001                   Disco Pigs                  Darren/Pig     

2002                   28 Days Later           Jim

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Adam Sandler all movies list

Adam Sandler all movies list

1989       Going Overboard           Schecky Moskowitz

1992       Shakes the Clown         Dink the Clown

1993       Coneheads            Carmine

1994       Airheads        Pip     

1994       Mixed Nuts            Louie

1995       Billy Madison         Billy Madison

1996       Happy Gilmore              Happy Gilmore

1996       Bulletproof             Archie Moses     

1998       The Wedding Singer             Robbie Hart     

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Sarah Jessica Parker all movies list

Year      Film                                         Role

1974      The Little Match Girl      The Little Match Girl

1982      My Body, My Child  Katy

1983      Somewhere Tomorrow  Lori Anderson

1984      Footloose    Rusty

1984      Firstborn     Lisa

1985      Girls Just Want to Have Fun       Janey Glenn

1986      Flight of the Navigator   Carolyn McAdams     

1989      The Ryan White Story    Laura

1991      L.A. Story    SanDee*

1992      In the Best Interest of the Children   Callie Cain

1992      Honeymoon in Vegas     Betsy/Donna     

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